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Navigating real estate is tricky...

There's no substitute for experience and expertise

When you’re buying a home you want an expert who knows the market trends and can help you compete in the marketplace. When you’re selling don’t want to give your house away, and you don’t want to be sitting on the market while your neighbors are selling around you. You need savvy market strategist. When you’re building , instead of aimlessly driving around hitting random builder sites, why not consult with an expert who already knows: which builder has ranches, who has promotions ect. You need an involved experienced agent.


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Discovering your goals are my 1st priority. Through our first meeting, I should be able to quickly identify the best players on our team or whose services can best benefit you.  Let’s build an action plan. We can meet for coffee; or meet via telephone or zoom. I’m excited to meet you and to experience this next chapter in life with you!


I like to set up expectations however, no two transactions are alike. I will guide you every step of the way.


First impressions might be our only impression, so I want to help set you up with your best presence up front.


What if I could show you that building a home is more affordable than most think? Would you want to know?


“Aaronah was knowledgable of the process. She kept me informed of what was going on with the sale of the house and was always available if I had additional questions. Friendly, adaptable, communicative… she’s amazing!”


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It is a true privilege to provide you guidance weather you’re selling, buying or building your home. I offer great care, honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism. I devote my time working diligently for you. My advice is candid, warm and friendly. I truly want the best for you.

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