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Feeling stuck is the first sign you’ve outgrown your current home.

You're Ready To Move

Recognizing this feeling is the first step toward embracing change and finding a new home where you can continue to grow and thrive. So, if you're feeling constrained, it's time to start exploring new possibilities and making moves toward a more fulfilling living situation.

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“Aaronah was just the best. She helped us decided when and if we wanted to list our property. Once we made the decision, she helped us get the most value out of our home. It was a great experience and we could not be more happy. She’s the best.”

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This is all about you. This is where I discover what your goals and timelines are. We'll look at various options.



I'll forecast potential sales and show you what you could net at the closing table.



Having the title search up front helps to tie up loose ends and aid in a smoother transaction.



Your first impression could be your only impression. Here's where you clean, repair, stage for best entrance



Absolutely no cell phone pics here! Professional photography is a service I provide complimentary to my sellers.



Let's get to the closing table with terms you find favorable.

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5 Ways To Declutter Faster When Selling In Ohio

You're moving... Eeek! What to do with all your stuff? Don't panic. I have some great ideas for you.

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Unlock Your Selling Advantage

With a meticulous approach, I prioritize understanding your unique concerns and goals, ensuring a tailored strategy that meets your individual needs.

From a detailed market analysis forecasting potential sale outcomes to a comprehensive title search addressing potential disruptions, every step is carefully orchestrated for your success.

Elevating your property's presentation with professional photography and marketing expertise, I go beyond ordinary to showcase your home's true potential.

Navigating the intricacies of contracts and negotiations, I am committed to preserving the integrity of the agreement, securing the best terms for your sale.

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Home Evaluation

If you’re thinking about making a move, you want to market your home to sell and to receive the highest net price. Every seller faces the same challenge: price too high and you will wait and not sell; price too low and you leave money and value behind. So how do you find the right number? A free home evaluation is a great start.

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About Selling Real Estate In Ohio?


It is true! You only have ONE chance at a first impression. I strongly believe in the importance of first impressions. I have first hand experience in watching a buyers eyes light up as they coast across livingrooms, letting their fingers glide across kitchen countertops and then mellow out on the livingroom sofa daydreaming of family gatherings and birthday parties. Buying a home can be an emotional experience and I have seen buyers fall in love breathing the words “I never want to leave”. I LOVE  hearing those words! I get exciteed when I have the “prettiest girl in the room” type of home and the feedback is gushing with compliments!Trust that the offers reflect the love.


We’re all faced with “stuff” that accumulated over time. It can be overwhelming. Guess what? You have options! For items of value, you can have an auction or estate sale. Working refrigerators/freezers can be picked up by AEP. Fridges, freezers and other appliances that are NOT working -call your local scrapper. For other “junk” items, contact your trash service company. Sometimes “bulk service” is offered within the services you already receive with your trash company.


You want to plan this up front. I can help you with ideas. Aside from renting or staying with family, did you know you could “lease back” your home once it closes? A leaseback allows the owner-occupant of a property to sell it and then lease it back from the buyer. Ideally the lease is very short term while you sort out your new home. Typically the lease is equal to the buyer’s monthly mortgage payment.

Another option is a bridge loan. A bridge loan is a short-term loan that can be used to finance the purchase of a new home before the sale of your current home closes. Bridge loans are typically secured by the new home, and they typically have a short repayment period, usually 30 to 90 days.

Builders often require buyers to sell their current home before they can purchase a new one. This is because builders want to ensure that they have a buyer for their new home before they start construction. Sometimes builders accept home contingency sales, where you can hold onto your home, and then sell your current home right before closing on the new home. I’ve even heard of builders buying the sellers home to help with the sale, and then the builder sells the home. Depending on the market the builders will change their process so I will ask if this is an option once you start looking.

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